And then, there were 4.

Heather sat on top of that Cornucopia for 15hrs, 34 minutes.

With the elimination of both Austin and Robert, they will join Cassie, Shaun, Nicolle, Liz, and Andrew on the jury. All of you have put up a valiant effort, and deserve the money. The Jury of Seven will covene to vote for one of you to receive the prize. Details forthcoming.

This will be the LAST week of the game.
and the FOUR of you will be that much closer to $100.
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It’s no secret that this game started off hot, and has now fizzled into nothing. Personally, I’m embarrassed and disappointed that I started a game and eventually ended up not being able to devote the time and energy that it needed. Especially since (most of you)guys are always so attentive.

So, in short, I’m sorry. Yes, this would never happen in a Nick game, etc and so on.

Here’s where we stand:
There are 6 of you left in the game. We can choose to end it now, and I’ll split the $100 in six ways (basically, you would all end up with $16), or we can press on and we’ll find out who the winner of the final TRIBES game will be.
Please let me know what you’re thinking, and save the petty comments for another time.


WK8/Chief Vote

Doesn't look like the Live!Challenge will be able to happen in a swift manner, so we will keep on, keepin' on. Due to the fact that Andrew voluntarily left the game, the Chief title is up for grabs. It is now up to the six of you to democratically decide who will get to have the power. If a majority is not reached, Casey will retain his Chiefdom. No more chains, just straight up nominations. Votes are due Thursday, June 14th @ 5:59 pm EST.

This week will be a Double Elimination...
and FOUR of you will be that much closer to $100.


Andrew has voluntarily offed himself. He will join Cassie, Shaun, Liz, and Nicolle on the jury. Which means that, Brian and Casey are the last standing pair to remain the game. Bravo, guys!

Now then, the Gamemakers know that all of you have stuffs going on in your lives. That said, we need for you comment the times that you are available for a Live!Challenge. This will quickly narrow the field from 6 to 4, so keep that in mind.

Please post your schedules from now to Sunday. Let's try to find a happy medium!


WK7/IC7, leg 4

One TEAM LIAM member active.
One TEAM NICOLLE member are active.
Eliminated: Andrew, Austin, Brian, Liam, Robert, Nicolle

AS A REPLY TO THIS VERY POST, the first person to reply to this post with a picture holding items that spell out KATNISS (so like, a item that starts with a K, an item that starts with an A, etc) will win the challenge. No special rules on what type of items, it just has to start with that letter.
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WK7/IC7, leg 3

My apologies for this challenge being excruciatingly long, but the sooner you reply, the sooner it will be done over!

We now have only four people left in the running to win, and simultaneously save either Liam or Nicolle. Either Brian, Casey, Robert or Heather will become the next Chief. Let's see what happens...

Two TEAM LIAM members active.
Two TEAM NICOLLE members are active.
Eliminated: Andrew, Austin, Liam, Nicolle

AS A REPLY TO THIS VERY POST, the first two people to reply to this post with a picture of a stuffed animal thing (doesn't have to be anything fancy, and no rules whatsoever... just something that looks like a human figure) that has a sign "SENECA CRANE" written on it will advance to the final round of the competition.

***IP addresses must be addresses must remain unique / no logging in as others***

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