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12 July 2012 @ 09:06 am
We're back.  
IN 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

And, we’re back from our mid-season hiatus! When we last left off, Casey had retained his right to Chiefdom, and was required to nominate three individuals for nomination, leaving two other players safe. This is what he said:

“I nominate Austin, Robert, and Heather. You guys know I love you like play cousins, but unfortunately we're at the part of the game where we go against each other. And I must avenge poor, innocent Shaun.”

As stated, there will be no Regency Arrow challenge this week. Thus, the three of you will fight to survive, with only one of you returning to the game and the chance to win $100.


The challenge this week will be simple, yet difficult at the same time. Essentially, you will “claim” time sitting on top of the Cornucopia by replying to this post, at a max of 5 comments. It’s easier to understand via an example… ex: Rachel comments at 6:06pm. Boogie comments at 6:15pm. That would mean that, in total, Rachel was sitting on the Cornucopia for 9 minutes.

The player that sits on the Cornucopia for the longest period of time will win the challenge and return to the game. The others will be eliminated and join Shaun, Cassie, Nicolle, and Andrew on the jury. Questions? Ask them in the FAQ comment below.

Deadline is Friday, June 13th @ 11:59pm EST.
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take me to the sea.: mustacheme - [default]_shaomao_ on July 12th, 2012 04:29 pm (UTC)
Imma sit right huuuuur bitches.