battle of the TRIBES

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battle of the TRIBES

Survivor: Ascension → Mid 2006
Winner Tom.
Runner Up Rich.
Other Jimmy, Dane, Maya, Jeremy, Nomi, Merri, Brad, Zach, Wendy, Nick A., Laura, Jason, Brittany, Hayley, Matt, Tim.

Tribes: Fall of the Aztecs → Late 2006
Winner Heather.
Runner Up Casey.
Other Ashley, Austin, Robert, Nomi, Brad, Kristy, Josh, Daniel, Maya, Robert, Ryan, Wendy, Tom, Bridgett, Brittany, Nick D., Rachel.

Survivor: Straits of Malacca → Early 2007
Winner Dana.
Runners Up Noelle, Jonny.
Other Adi, Nick D., Kari, Maya, Karen, Austin, John, Toni, Brian, Jeremy, Wendy, Carolyn, Nathan, Courtlyn, Andrew, Josh, Steph, Daniel.

Survivor: Lost Coast → Mid 2007
Winner Austin.
Runner Up Michelle.
Other Kenya, Jimmy, Jason, Robert, Charles, Daniel, Maya, Lauren, Noelle, Heather, Toni, Brad, John, Jeremy, Donna, Andrew, Aleisha.
X → Early 2008
Winner Andrew R.
Runners Up Bryan, Liz.
Other Kenya, Donna, Josh, Jonny, Noelle, Nick D., Tom.

Survivor: 5 Boroughs → Mid 2009
Winner Josh.
Runner Up Andrew.
Other Andii, Drew, Cynthia, Becca, Kari, Sean, Jes, Dean, Donna, Robert, Austin, Stacey, Casey, Nick P., Heather, Brad, Trung, Rob, Charles, Caryn.

Tribes II: Rise of the Samurai → Late 2009
Winner Shaun.
Runners Up Ashleigh, Bryan.
Other Donna, Kellen, Robert, Casey, Heather Y., Jason, Amanda, Sarah, Andii, Heather C., Austin, Caryn, Josh.

Survivor: Saharan Edge → Mid 2010
Winner Andrew R.
Runner Up Mark.
Other Noelle, Dean, Kenya, Donna, Josh, Allison, Bridget, Ashley, Ashleigh, Drew, Charles, Sean, Andii, Daniel, Jason, Heather, Brett, Robert, Stacey.

For seasons prior to Ascension, see here.

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